Living Transparent and Being Real

Chapter 14 of the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

 In contemplating what I wanted to share on our recent QLBC show, as one of the cohosts joining our host Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, I found myself with the realization that the first task in living as a transparent Being is to become truly transparent to myself. This is no small undertaking. I realize the first key involved is to no longer allow my thoughts to run in the direction of something outside me being the cause of how I feel inside me. It means catching myself in my  daily journaling and even before that in my thoughts when I blame a person or a circumstance for any issue – large or small that has been my experience in that day or that moment. Warning signs to pay attention to include allowing myself to credit blame to my body, time and/or the environment for my circumstances .

It is important to challenge myself with the reminder that I am the creator of my thoughts and MY LIFE!  I am responsible in how I interact first with myself and then with the flow of my day. So then every time I catch myself irritated or judging anything, anyone or even myself, I have the prime opportunity to respond with “STOP!” 

 Grandmother Pa’His’Ha asks us to explore who we are when we return to the privacy of our homes and close the door. Asking this question often enough must lead us to truly examining the depth of how we present ourselves  when alone in comparison to being out in the world with others. Is there a contradiction or are we gradually achieving the ability to have congruence in how we present ourselves to others? 

 I have had to get honest with myself in old patterns of spending time alone with the illusion that I am “hiding” or that I can “pretend” I have my life under control  or that I can avoid something I do not want to do. Tools that I have learned to  tap include journaling as well as talking out loud to myself in front of a mirror.   To record my thoughts  provides the powerful gift of hearing the words I am speaking. I find these practices lead me to being able to identify when I am being honest or being pretentious. This “gifts” me concrete awareness and a  new direction to move in.

I truly encourage anyone who is reading this short report to have the courage to take yourself on and move to existing as a transparent Being , transparent to yourself and to the world.  

 Joyce Mollenhauer, cohost of Quantum Leap Book Club.