In our current study with Quantum Leap Book Club, we are focusing on the book, Matter into Feeling by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. During our show last week we discussed the chapter called the Curve of Life. It is perhaps a fairly common understanding that in the miracle of existing as a body, our microscopic cells are in constant transformation of living and dying. This involves an ongoing balancing act that is mind boggling to say the least and well worth some intensive study for the adventurous to acquire an awareness which can lead to a deep appreciation.
Dr. Wolf introduces an expansion of the brief existence of our trillions of body cells in the Buddhist perspective of our existence as momentary selves. This perspective shares that no permanent self as a body exists at all. To quote Dr. Wolf, “each self lives for a tiny instant of perhaps twenty milliseconds and then dies. And as soon as one self dies, another self arises. Thus life is a coherent harmony between these momentary selves.” He continues to share that this chapter on The Curve of Life is exploring an aspect of this quantum view of life (“quantum” being understood as the most minute measure of anything you can possibly imagine) . Dr. Wolf speaks of “life being a series of punctuated continuous moments”.
In pondering this perspective that in each minute measure of time I live and die and am born again, I found my mind going in more than one direction. In our efforts as human beings to live each day one day at a time, this new thought of living and dying every millisecond of life definitely leads me to some very deep thoughts. To accept that there is no such experience as a PERMANENT SELF allows a huge range of possibilities. It opens up a vast vista of possibilities.
I have a deep sense of the trap we tend to fall into as human beings of too often leaning to the negative of our experiences as a body. When we experience any sense of imbalance and determine a health issue, it is too easy to believe our situation will get worse not better. I find myself digging deep inside my thoughts in an effort to understand why we do this. Now with this expanded concept and realization (depending on if Dr. Wolf’s introduction of momentary selves makes sense to you) I personally have made a decision to allow each momentary self to be healthier and more evolved than the previous momentary self. Regardless of how one interprets, if the fact is that we are virtually reborn every millisecond, we have an opportunity beyond our normal thinking to be a “better self” with every new birth of ourselves. For me, this is definitely a profound opportunity to ponder why I allow myself to feel stuck at so many moments of my life and now am putting effort to shift my anticipation of becoming better and stronger and able to live each millisecond as an evolving human being.
Joyce Mollenhauer, cohost of Quantum Leap Book Club.
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