In reading our current book, Matter Into Feeling by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, we find that much like another of his books, Mind Into Matter, Dr. Wolf begins each chapter with a description of a Hebrew letter, its meaning, and its relation to other letters, the quantum perspective, and our lives. The fifth chapter of our book, Matter Into Feeling by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, is “The Curve of Life.”  It actually begins with the letter “hay (5)” and how it moves to “noon (50)”.

Dr Wolf explains that “hay represents life, an all-inclusive notion.”  He goes on to say that when there is a response to motion of material that is moved by spirit, there is life.  Think about it.  When spirit enters the material, it moves it and there is a response and it is alive.  Each of these is represented by a Hebrew letter; spirit (aleph), material (bayt), motion (ghimel), response (dallet), and now hay (life).

In this book, we are expanding on the letter concept presented in the first book, and basically in this chapter, we are expanding from hay, the seed of life, to noon, the transformation of the seed into a full-grown living being.  All living beings transform. Whether it is from a seed to a tree, or an egg to a full -grown living being, there is a constant transformation that takes place. And in order for this transformation to occur, Dr. Wolf tells us the “seed” must break through a “shell”.  He states, “Whether through a nutshell or the vaginal canal, life struggles to be born.”

It seems to me that life begins with a breakthrough, a transformation, where it comes to life. A seed or an egg, are just somewhat dormant until moved by something to begin to grow, and eventually it breaks though that “container” and springs to life.  An as the author says, life “struggles to be born.”  It also appears to me that at each stage of life, or each stage of learning, we strive with challenges and have “breakthroughs” as we become more and more fully grown and developed.  I think this applies to any type of skill or learning or even spiritual development.  In achieving each milestone, or pinnacle, we learn, grow, experience challenges and then we breakthrough.  One series of breakthroughs to another.  Alive and growing. He gives us something to ponder again.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay