Joy will that get us a ticket into the centre?

Throughout the pages there’s an sometimes subtle, sometimes strong, message that the journey to the centre of the Earth is about being less ‘dense’ and having ones physical form adapt to subtle decreasing density (or increasing frequency and rarefied environment) on the way “in”.


“Dense” could be perceived in two ways:

  • dense as in dim witted, not very intelligent, and here intelligence doesn’t refer to the marks one may get in school but the ability to look beyond the set parameters that are based purely on the mindset of where the scientists are at at the time. It doesn’t take much to realise that there are multiple perspectives to describe how things come into being and how they persist and their relationship with each other. One only needs to sit with talk with listen to storeys of traditional peoples and cultures from across this planet to hear multiple perspectives on formations of planets , of changes in the Earth, of the human form and body itself.  A diversity of views is already present so why would it be 1 only? Intelligence indeed is being open to multiple perspectives, being able to remove the lenses of society, culture, gender, that we often look through. Indeed the process of western science is to continually improve the theory that went before by finding one which better answers that which is observed.


  • dense as in having particles that are closer together, having less space between them, like ice compared to water, wood compared to smoke.  The greater the density the more solid the substance and the slower moving the particles, the more fixed and les able to change.  Opposite of dense is rarefied and the more rarefied the faster moving the particles and greater the possibility to adapt and change with changing conditions.  An ultimate state may be seen as having no form and being completely open to the potential to be anything.

So here the question: Will joy get us a ticket into the centre?

Well maybe, maybe not, what we hear from this is it’s not about being the ‘best of’ it’s just about being. So here there is an invitation to let go of some of the rush and to get in alignment with the frequency of Earth and beyond.  To do this:  have time in nature, sleep outdoors, have a fire, invite people over, share the things that are part of our intrinsic beingness.

So there’s nothing to try to do.  In a way stop trying and like the famous words from Yoda do not try just do.”

and an equivalent of: do not try just be.”

Indeed reading Inside the Earth the Second Tunnel by Raju Cinemar invites us to look differently at science. I invite you to allow yourself to listen to many viewpoints, particularly listen to the First Peoples of the many countries. Leave the archaeological books written from one cultural perspective to the side for a moment and hear other the perspectives.  Allow them to sit and be observant of the new information and experiences that continue to come to you 🙂

Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta

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