You may have heard someone say, “We are all One.”  I certainly have.  But really what does that mean to you?  Are we one because we are human?  Are we one because we all reside on our beautiful Mother Earth? Or are we all one because of a deeper interconnectedness?

In the book The Holograph Universe, Michael Talbot, we begin to explore the quantum perspective of the idea of interconnectedness.  The dictionary describes interconnectedness as the state of being connected with each other.  We can use this term in so many situations, but in quantum physics, quantum interconnectedness states that under certain circumstances subatomic particles are in some form of intimate connection with one another no matter how far apart they may be. It is a fact of physics which few if any physicists can deny any longer; subatomic particles, like electrons, do not “exist’ until they are observed, thus, one could no longer think of them as independent “things.”  They are interconnected with the observer and the quantum field.  Scientists had a lack of interest in this for many years, but physicist David Bohm pursued this idea.  His pursuit and persistence opened a whole new direction of thought in the interconnected off everything and the undivided wholeness of all things.  We are one thing, unbroken, with our own unique qualities; like eddies and whirlpools in a river, all the river but with unique characteristics as we observe different parts.

Chapter Two dives into Bohm’s ideas and concepts, some that can be mind-boggling.  Please join us for a greater exploration of the idea of interconnectedness on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network.

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Hardebeck Media from Pixabay