Dr. Fred Alan Wolf as an outstanding author offers himself as a scientist, philosopher, poet, spiritual being. In other words this is a human being who expresses his writings from many angles. Our current book, titled Matter Into Feeling by this author, can be a challenge to totally grasp. Fortunately, Dr. Wolf incorporates his vast range of skills and interests with the information he offers his readers. 

In this book, Mind Into Feeling, Dr. Wolf uses the Hebrew alphabet to illustrate the advancement of each chapter. He is very resourceful in his use of footnotes and the expansion of information he provides in each of the nine chapters.

 The book starts off with Dr. Wolf sharing the story from Greek Mythology about the handsome young man,Narcissus,  who was adored by all the ladies in  his community.  He shunned all of them.  The beautiful nymph Echo, who had been condemned by a goddess to never speak again except to repeat what was said to her, was desperate to gain his attention. One day Narcissus was lost in the forest and Echo thought this was her chance and went to assist him. However, again he shunned her. 

As the story goes, to punish Narcissus, the goddess Nemesis made him fall helplessly in love with his own face. He gazed at his reflection in the river and became unable to move away. He gradually pined away and a beautiful flower, Narcissus, grew there in his memory. 

This story serves as a dramatic illustration of how human beings experience being trapped in the body and  tend to lose their connection as a spiritual being. Dr. Wolf expands on this idea with his comments that the human body trapped in a physical form experiences a sense of loss and separation. in spite of the sense of isolation and separateness, it is common for our spirits to long for the experience of being part of the ONE. 

Quoting from the book, “We may appear to ourselves as islands, but we form a continent of life.” As the book moves forward, there is discussion on how to gain the knowing of being part of the ONE.  

Joyce Mollenhauer,  cohost of Quantum Leap Book Club