I was with my Dad today and had to leave for a little while on another task and left him with my book Inside the Earth the Second Tunnel by Radu Cinamar. My father is an avid reader and considered by those who know him as highly intelligent not only from the breadth of knowledge but from his interest to look from many perspectives and to take the time to look. Being a Master Mariner in his later years he was at sea with people from all nationalities and the commonality was that they were all at sea and this transcended race and religion.

At school he was one who frequently would not conform and was finally he was sent to Sea school where he learned all things about being a Master Mariner.  It was here that again he didn’t like the attitude of the teachers and ended up having a year that was agreed he did not need to be taught by the teachers and he would need to teach himself. At the end of that year that the headmaster in his own words said:

“This year I have the great displeasure to award Jon Dalby-Ball with the prize of the sextant for the top marks.”

My father is a modest person however this pleased him internally and enough to tell us the story when we were growing up and going through school and would show us the sextant (a device for navigating by the stars).  The main thing about the story he shared with us was that he didn’t like what he saw as the pompous attitude of some teachers, the lack of inquiry and the shutting down of questioning.

My father travelled a lot as a young man and left England heading for Artaroea (New Zealand) based on a few lines that he found in a piece of writing where it said:

“Heavily wooded slopes dropping steeply to the sea”

Here he lived here hunting and fishing with a  high level of ‘alone time’ in the wild nature. In the winter season he would come back to so called civilization and do door to door selling of books, he was the champion bookseller and trained other teams. His main message was to really listen to the people an answer there needs with the books and indeed sales were made. He would then head back to the wild.

Now many, many years later he is here reading the beginning of Inside the Earth.

It’s time to leave the hospital, we’re in the car, and he says:

“well he comes at it from a very different viewpoint”

referring to the author

We discuss about the importance of different viewpoints and indeed this moves to information around black holes, around matter being created, about all being energy and how a centrifugal force could be ‘throwing matter’ out of black holes. About all being energy, information putting things into form. About this pattern (in-formation) the usually unseen matrix that influences the recurring themes but we describe in terms of mathematics and ratios such as Pi (1).

With appreciation for these conversations and hearing well “that’s a different perspective”.

I note that my father was brought up in a conservative time in England (second world war) he looked beyond that structure and to the sea, the stars and the hills and the steeply sloping densely forested cliffs.

So where did that conversation take us in terms of what we’re looking at right now?

As it says in the book (page 114)  The old way of thinking and acting, with divisions of territories and geo-strategic influences among the worlds leading leaders, is not only awkward in such a case but also completely ineffective.

We had been at the hospital for an X Ray and CT scan to see how dad’s neck vertebrae were mending. The conversation moved to a discussion on physiotherapy and the other alternative healing modalities that can come hand in hand with the so called western medicine. We talked about how it’s best that the multiple potentials of delivery modes are available to each individual an indeed tailored to their needs some may like medicinal herbs or vitamins some of the physio some chiropractic’s some Chinese medicine some energy work some straight western X Ray is an operations not to make anything wrong and to open up playing field such that each person could make decisions along with their health practitioners of the multitude of healing modalities that could be available to a person.

We then looked at why this is not what is currently happening and indeed there are huge parallels with what we’ve been talking about in terms of inside the earth. About why alternative viewpoints on the earth and not being discussed or debated or considered irrespective of the science.

Seeing that what we’re learning here in inside the earth is a way of questioning and thinking that enables improvements potentially in all life areas education, health care, design, geology, ancient history …..

In the shared perspective and teachings from Pa’Ris’Ha there is a majestic universe that is enfolded one within the other.  our thoughts and feelings are the electro and the magnetic of the field and as we think and feel we create.  to this end we can see that such discussion (as above prompted by the book) leads to meaningful topics being considered.  From here we can image (with our imagination) possible ‘ideal’ outcomes – see and feel them as ideal. Indeed this makes a difference and even more so when ‘two or more come together’ ice.

If you’re with others see what conversations you can move to constructive discussion and clear concepts of what that topics can look like when ideal.  Even if you can’t see it all, get a feeling and glimpse for at least some of it. Share it celebrate it. You are the difference.

Descriptions of terms

(1)The number π (/p/) is a mathematical constant. It is defined as the ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter, and it also has various equivalent definitions.

All the Best

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Geraldene Dalby-Ball

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