The current book we are discussing on Quantum Leap Book Club is titled “The Gratitude Effect” by Dr. John Demartini.  My initial reaction to the chapter this week called “How to Become A Genius?” was an immediate interest on how gratitude could be a factor of being a genius.

One definition of the word “genius” is: exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. This is a good starting point to ponder. When we accept that each of us with our unique “one of a kind fingerprint” has a uniqueness that is ours alone, then the next step would be to acknowledge that each of us has our own genius ability. This is expressed as an individual description that cannot be compared to any other person.

 Next question to explore is: what is the benefit of living a life of gratitude?  I discovered several benefits as I absorbed the information in chapter 3 of this book. The following list is a brief outline of potential benefits:

  1. Gratitude improves our ability of attention, retention, and intention. (All desirable attributes to gain)
  2. Gratitude is instantaneous in its effects.
  3. Our intuition often serves as our guide to feeling gratitude.
  4. Gratitude expands our consciousness and awareness.
  5. Gratitude is vital to experience in both what we might consider positive and negative situations. The opportunity to learn from both is powerful.

 Dr. Demartini emphasizes the power of never giving up. He shares personal professional experiences and his lessons learned:

  1. Be grateful for each step of progress – small or big.
  2. Be open to recognize the progress achieved and to recognize that more progress is the result.
  3. Refuse to entertain any sense of so called “impossibility”.
  4. Always be willing to go the extra mile.

 For all who read this short report of some of the impact this chapter had on me, I encourage you to read this book yourself to gain what you can identify as important to you in reaching your conviction of being a genius as you live a “life of gratitude”.

 Dr. Joyce Mollenhauer, ND, BSN, RN, Nurse Coach

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