With Quantum Leap Book Club, we are currently studying Chapter 7 of the book “Matter into Feeling” by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.  The following quote from Einstein sets the scene for this chapter: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” 

“The cell has the ability to see ahead and seek out adaptable consequences of change.” This is one of the thought-provoking statements offered in chapter 5.

 Dr. Wolf in chapter 7 is giving us the science behind the role of the future in the present going in both directions along with the influence of the past to the present.

In my exploration of this chapter, I have found only certain pieces fit for me. This post includes some of those pieces. I will continue to pursue understanding of the information.

On page 135, our author reports that Imaginings and countable events appear. He shares that we often fail to recognize the novelty of these appearances. Instead, we often turn to the past for answers about the present. My sense is perhaps this is an explanation of the fact that our level of awareness tends to be distorted at times.

To quote directly from our author at the conclusion of Chapter 7 on page 141. “In the new alchemy, the future decides the present. The past falls under the control of the present. The future is only imaginable as a probability wave.” “Human beings are guided by a sense of their own evolved identities in the future.” Humans are not mechanical as robots are.”  I experienced this statement to be reassuring as a conclusion of the deep information included in this chapter.

Joyce Mollenhauer, cohost

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