Do bacteria develop resistance to anti-bacterial drugs, after exposure to them?

Or are some of the members in the Bacteria population always resistant and then survive and multiply making more common that resistance in the new population?

Well it could be one or both of these or other reasons too.  Following the second idea this relies on there being part of the population that has the genes for resistance prior to ‘knowing’ of the need for this.

Is genetic diversity really just chance?

From a mathematical perspective there are so many things that may happen – that to have a ‘genetic solution’ for all just waiting is improbable (not impossible). However if we consider that from a quantum perspective anything from the environment is ‘possibly’ and any response to that is ‘possible’ then there is also a probability of the future environment influencing the present time organism such that out of all the possible random mutations it responds to the information (from future) and creates a mutation that matches the future scenario.  When we consider that time is not linear – rather all that can be present / all that is possibly / is present simultaneously then a cell can have a blurred edge between the parallel world it is in and another.  When this happens that cell also now has knowledge of specific environmental conditions of that other parallel and accordingly can and does create or switch on the genes that will make the most suitable proteins for that suite of events.

Thus from a Quantum Model a cell, and it’s DNA, can weave in/out of a parallel world and gain information from that place/time and thus influenced make new DNA to suite that other parallel. Noting that the parallel can be the future environment of the cell.  So there need not be infinite random genes created for ‘just incase they fit a future environment’ there are instead message from the future in terms of over-lapping parallel worlds and shared information.

If your cells and DNA can do it – can you too draw information from the ‘future’ and other parallels that enables you to be the most effective being in this present time?

Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta

Geraldene Dalby-Ball