For our final call with Quantum Leap Book Club on November 30 with our study of the book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot, I focused on the information on pages 220 to 222.  To quote from the book ”the idea that some deeply unconscious and even spiritual part of us can reach across the boundaries of time and is responsible for our destiny can be found in many shamanic traditions.” The kahunas (Hawaiian word for wise man or shaman) consider this invisible aspect the “high self”. The kahunas believed that thoughts are things and are composed of a subtle energetic substance.

 The power of thought has been a topic of great interest to me for most of my life. In all of the research I have personally done, I have come to understand that my thoughts influence my life in every way. I first learned some years ago that thoughts can actually be weighed. Science has proven in the lab that this is the truth. 

The kahunas teach that when we are not in charge of our own thoughts  a contradiction results due to the fact we bombard our “high self” with uncontrolled mixture of plans, wishes and fears. The kahunas give this the reason for most people’s lives appearing haphazard and uncontrolled. 

 I have a strong belief this is true and recognize  that it is critical to learn to develop a constant awarenss of my thoughts and the effect I am creating for myself and my life. 

  A recent example I have been researching is the importance of neurotransmitters that are produced in the cell body of our neurons (brain cells). These chemicals serve as  messengers to maintain normal levels of most of our body functions. My studies have lead me to understand my thoughts have a direct result on normal and abnormal function and I have the ability to create the end result by my thoughts.

It is an amazing journey to explore how our bodies serve us and the growing evidence that we are in the driver’s seat even when we do not actively use the possibilities of that role.  Because I totally believe my thoughts create my life I have started on a 45 day practice of spending 3 minutes 3 times every day writing down positive thoughts. I am very aware that I am often ruled by my negative thoughts. This exercise is helping me deliberately focus on the positive. The end result I desire is to train my brain to naturally think positive thoughts and reduce and eventually eliminate the negative thoughts that have been predominant.  

Joyce Mollenhauer cohost of Quantum Leap Book Club