At the end of the first chapter of our new book, Matter Into Feeling by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, there is a section about the body’s quantum ego: the island of feeling.  As we take on a body, and a new personality, and we become who we think we are as individuals, we work through life with feeling.  We experience things and from these experiences we have feelings.  The feelings from the experiences create memories.  And memories help us to define our island selves as individuals.

The book says that “while no man is an island, island formation must occur in order for memory to exist.”  Interesting quote, isn’t it?  As we are part of a more divine nature, in order to become our individualized selves, we must become an island.  Our idea of being an individual is based around the development of our ego, our recognition and belief that we are an individual.  We experience and record our memories and we become more focused on being ourselves as individual beings of matter.  We get so entrenched in this experience, we forget that we are emanations of a greater divine Source.  Our challenge then is to understand ourselves as having our own experiences as part of a greater whole.

I think in this life and in this body, I am here to experience, love, explore, and share with others, yet, always remembering that my true Self lives in the Divine.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay