As we continue our studies of “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”  by Dr Joe Dispenza with Quantum Leap Book Club, a few bottom lines become more evident. First, you must be willing to release the old image of yourself in order to replace with a “new and Improved” version that is the “You” you were born to be. That is a monumental task as you must develop a clear awareness of yourself as you have been and know what the replacement of yourself looks like in detail. 

Our recent focus on the different brain waves is one of the roads in to develop awareness of the difference you potentially can experience and live as the new you. Even your emotional state and mood depends on the frequency of your brain waves.

In seeking a visual for myself of brain waves, my thoughts went to the waves in the ocean. The early morning swell  that is so calming to witness could be related to delta brain waves in deep sleep. During any 24 hour cycle, the movement of the ocean changes and at times building to huge crests that the surfers ride . It helped me sense the changes that occur within my brain. The goal in developing a knowing of brain waves is to gain the ability to move consciously from one brain wave level to another. 

Brain waves are the result of communication occurring between the neurons in the brain .

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Joyce Mollenhauer July 21, 202