Bringing your Persona to Soul

Wolf talks about the Mask we present to the world and how it is made from the collective consciousness that we are that gas been created through the images we have stored through experience and that exist within us as genetics. We can choose which masks we want to wear and thus edit how we present ourselves to be closer to who we want to be. We have many masks that create our persona so finding how they complement each other and work with each other to support our greater purpose is key.

Wolf says It is our masks that limit us.

So I Myself asked Who and how I am perceiving as?

Which mask am I wearing and how would that mask perceive the situation.

How am I taking in the information and which information am I choosing to take in?

If I am wearing the mask of a person who wants the best for people in the world, would I not be looking for the best in everything?


Loosing our soul Awareness

Wolf says Consciousness is as consciousness does. Thoughts actions and feelings produce a certain level of consciousness.

Awareness is both the awareness of and the creation of an experience.

The Knowing experience becomes the mind and the thing being known becomes matter,

The better we visualize , experience and feel something the more we bring it into matter.

When we observe in present time we can see reality without our known memories obscuring the reality of the moment.

When we feel resistance it is the awareness of a choice arising

You have a choice of two complementary ways of experiencing anything,

You can experience it as Knowledge -Being -Particle which is as the physical or

You can experience it as Heart-Becoming Wave


A Higher Power

Wolf talks about hot matter is turned into Information and Information is Turned into Matter.

The Matter choosing universe chooses to turn information into matter while in the spirit choosing universe everything is one with no distinctions a uni-verse.

He also talks about perfect order can’t exist in the physical universe and this creates the need in us to continue to create as we strive for order.