In reading chapter 3 in the book The Holograph Universe by Michael Talbot, which is about the holographic model and psychology, I came across a section about Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina, and their work with Holotropic Therapy.  This was a type of therapy they described as using a simple, nondrug technique for inducing holotropic, or non-ordinary states of consciousness; and one in which it is possible to access the holographic labyrinth that connect all aspects of existence.  This technique spun off of Grof’s work with LSD therapies but instead of using a substance, it uses only rapid and controlled breathing, evocative music and massage and bodywork to induce altered states of consciousness.

Many years ago, I was blessed to experience this therapy first-hand working with Jacquelyn Small, LMSW and The Eupsychia Institute/Eupsychia Process of Integrative Breathwork. Jacquelyn Small, who became a well-known author and trainer, initially worked with Stanislav Grof, MD (psychiatrist) and his wife, Christina Grof using Holotropic Breathwork™ at Esalen in California before branching out on her own in 1990.  Her Breathwork Experience uses a combination of evocative music that runs the gamut from tribal (drumming, rattles, didgeridoo pieces) to ethereal, and an alternate state of consciousness achieved through deeper, faster breathing. She described that this process’s ability to “provide re-framing (seeing things in a different light), insight, energetic release and heart opening was beyond her wildest imagining!”  The use of artwork is incorporated in the process, used as a bridge between the deep state people go to while journeying and the return to ordinary daily consciousness; and verbal processing is done as a group at the end for the participants to do some integration of their experience into their daily lives.

As I mentioned, I was blessed to do this type of breathwork many times and I have to state, it definitely allowed me to enter what I would describe alternate states of consciousness and to experience myself in different ways, from insights and clearing to what felt like experiencing myself as another in another time.  This new connection has now allowed me to revisit and reflect again on my experiences.

What I really find great about this book, and the others, is that it allows me to open to experiences and learning that when applied helps me to become a greater person.  I hope you can join me and my co-hosts on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network to explore these ideas and even more.

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay