As we move to chapter 6 in our current book, Matter Into Feeling by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, “Sex: Information Flowing Backwards From The Future”, we again are met with new concepts to consider.  Does life adapt or evolve through experiencing in order to survive; or does life possibly adapt or evolve through the use of intuition, sensing out what is needed from the future in order to survive in the potential experience?  Does a child pick its parents before he or she is even conceived in order to have the qualities needed to grow and survive?

Here we are introduced to “Teleology.”  This was a new word or concept for me.  Teleology is a reason or an explanation for something which serves as a function of its end, its purpose, or its goal, as opposed to something which serves as a function of its cause.  For instance, we set a goal of something we want to achieve and we intuit what is needed to achieve it, instead of something happens that causes us to respond.  The author writes of the spiritual time stream, based on the notion of final purpose or goal, representing a flow of information backward from the future to the present; and the scientific time stream, based on a causation where information flows from the past to the future.  Could this be the difference between the ideas of evolution or creation?

We do intuit and we do react in order to make the right choices for our future.  But what if the spirit of a child yet to be conceived actually intuits what is needed for the lifetime and chooses the combination of parents it needs for the goal it has set for this lifetime?  What if cells “sense out the future” so they can adapt to a threat from the environment?

I find it fascinating that all life could use an intuitive sense to adapt for future events in order to survive.  And you can join us to hear more of this discussion on life, science and spirituality Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network.

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by John Hain from Pixabay