It fascinates me to recognize how much of my life I have used my past experiences as a guide for many of my decisions and as the base of my feelings and emotions. My thoughts often led this procession and sadly very often resulted in less than what I desired. With my current strong intention, I am gradually becoming aware of my thoughts moment by moment. This awareness allows me to make different choices.

 Common spoken expressions would include the idea that it is important to learn from our past. In most instances, we are referring to the mistakes we have made.  The irony is we generally manage to reproduce similar experiences when we stay focused on our mistakes. Negativity breeds negativity.

In recent studies with the current book, “Matter into Feeling” by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf on Quantum Leap Book Club, I have gained an important understanding of “where I want to live”. New understanding has led me to desire to live in the future – not the past that no longer exists.  I have gained a growing recognition that the present is momentary as it then moves to the future. This cycle constantly moves forward. The future is right now.

 It is fascinating to come to fully understand that the past is gone forever. That would be a first point. Secondly, research studies have proven our memories of the past are distorted. Dr. Wolf gives some reasons for this distortion earlier in this book. It makes our system of so-called justice a farce as no two witnesses at the scene of an accident give the same report and in many instances their reports conflict with the other.  In addition, the jury in a courtroom is composed of individuals each with their own level of memory distortion. Their responsibility is to decide on guilt or innocence, and we call that justice. There is evidence available from various studies about why our memories are inaccurate.

It is worthwhile to contemplate the Buddhist perspective introduced by Dr. Wolf of existing as “momentary selves”. This perspective includes that each “momentary self” lives only a tiny instant of time and then dies.  Our new self exists again for an instant of time. This cycle is continuous. We can choose to live a total replica of the past self or to start “new and improved” because we have gained wisdom living as the previous momentary self.  The opportunity to continue to live and grow with every momentary self is vast!

 Dr. Wolf leads us into deep thought and an expanded understanding of how our individual evolving process in life is in our hands and under our control. This is reassuring from many angles but obviously a mammoth ongoing task. It is an exciting journey when one comes to realize a powerful outcome is possible and practical. Enjoy your journey!

 Joyce Mollenhauer/Ukte’na

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