While it seems quite reasonable that my ears would pick up information in the form of frequency it seems more logical that my eyes are seeing forms and these forms are then recognised by some memory or training in my brain. Research indicates however that my eyes, ears, taste buds, sense of touch A roll detecting frequencies and these frequencies are then interpreted by the brain.

If this idea is so it helps explain things like feeling the vibe of a room.

It also gives a window of understanding to the many practises of first peoples including those of Australian Aboriginal People who have shared that there is a feeling on the land and they can follow the path walked by many before them because you can feel their presence without the need for obvious signposting.

And what about the many who sense and see their ancestors, people have passed, messages from a dog that is passed over years before. All can be present in the form of frequency.

Given that we have the ability to sense frequency and then interpret it how can you use this in your day. new line what vibe are you sending out?

Can we indeed make the world more harmonious just by how we think and feel?

According to the holographic universe principles the answer is yes.