In thinking about what I wanted to share today, I came across the phrase “Dissolve To Evolve”.  What an interesting phrase.  What an interesting idea.  What does that mean to me?

I started thinking about the book we are reading for Quantum Leap Book Club in the book The Holograph Universe by Michael Talbot and the idea of us, and all the universe, actually being a hologram impacted by consciousness.  I also thought about the ideas we learned in reading Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza and the idea that we have created ourselves and our beliefs through our experiences, again using consciousness, sometimes unconsciously conscious and sometimes consciously conscious.  In other words, sometimes we create without really using awareness, just by our programming, and sometimes with awareness and conscious intention.

So what does that have to do with “Dissolve To Evolve”?  Well, in order to evolve and change, we have to do something different, think something different.  If we do something from the same state of mind, we will just get the same thing.  What science is showing us is that our thoughts are things, they are energy, and our thoughts drive our creation in this “hologram” or field of potential.  So my thoughts are, if you want to change and evolve, you have to dissolve your old patterns and your old way of thinking.  I think you have to dissolve your old self by adding new ideas and new experiences, then you can evolve into a new improved you.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Well, it really can be.  All you have to do to start is do something different, read something new, or explore ideas that pop in your head.  Spend some time with new things that grab your attention.  Once you put something new in your mind and being, you are not the same person before you did it.  You are already evolving.

One key, though, is that you must dissolve the “no, don’t, can’t” mentality.  Those words are a sure sign that an old block, or box, you have created over time in your mind through old experiences is showing itself.  It means you need to look at it and probably challenge it to grow and evolve.  Up for the challenge?  Or should I say, up for the opportunity?

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by John Hain from Pixabay