Michael Talbot in his book “The Holographic Universe” discusses the interconnectedness of all things.
Talbot makes the statement, “in the universe where all things are infinitely connected , all consciousnesses are also interconnected”. I find myself reacting to the basic concept of being interconnected with all things of my life – seen and unseen. But more profoundly, the word “infinitely” to describe this connection leads me into very deep thought. This interconnection is not momentary or sometimes but exists INFINITELY. That means the potential connection is unlimited with no boundaries nor exceptions.
I find myself pondering on the loneliness and sense of separateness that many humans experience in their personal lives. I feel a sense of anticipation and excitement that loneliness as an emotional experience would cease to exist if each one of us was open to experience the connection we have with all things on our planet and in the universe. For me, it definitely creates an important mission for me to accomplish. This mission includes developing an open mind and a creative imagination to accept the possibilities of such an understanding. It would remove all tendency to judge others and even myself. I believe with a total acceptance of the interconnection as a reality, I would be able to move past and let go of much of the perceived limitations I have accepted about my role in life and how I interact with others.
Joyce Mollenhauer, cohost of Quantum Leap Book Club