In this chapter of the book “Matter into Feeling”, the author Dr. Fred Alan Wolf leads us on an exploration of Evolution versus Creation. He starts off describing the different role of the egg and the sperm in the game of survival. While each represents possibility, there are differences in how each functions. The sperm exists in multiples and has the ability of motility compared to the egg which exists in smaller numbers which obviously then has fewer possibilities. As Dr. Wolf reports, the egg is stationary and nurturing as it plays the waiting game. Represented by the Hebrew letters Vav and Sammekh and described by Dr. Wolf to be cohorts engaged in the game of survival and creation in their role as sexual partners.
He uses this base when he discusses both Evolution Theory and Biological Diversity. He poses a number of questions for the reader to ponder about the influence of each. He brings forward the thought that each new cell has a greater chance of survival than its parents due to combining characteristics of both. He also gives the reader a chance to ponder on the effect of changes in the environment and the result of resistance to life. At this point, life and death are the two opposing outcomes. With life, the ability exists to respond, adapt and thrive.
Definition of time stream: metaphorical concept of time as a stream, a flowing body of water. Also the series of all events from past to future, especially when conceived as one of many such series”. Wolf’s discussion on “Time Streams” gives more information to ponder on. He introduces the difference between a Spiritual Time Stream and a Scientific Time Stream. He reports that with a Spiritual Time Stream there is a flow of information from the future back to the present. A clash exists with the Scientific Time Stream which is based on causation and flows from the past to the future. He further discusses this clash between the urge to EVOLVE (make the right choices for our futures) and the human need to SURVIVE (to keep things as they are). He suggests a possibility of sexual energy being the body’s response to time streams calling from the future and serving as guarantee of future progeny.
This chapter shares the very interesting example of the history of the effect of STREPTOMYCIN, a well known antibiotic. Lab tests have shown that bacteria were resistant from the onset and our author discusses the thought that the resistance was built into the antibiotic even before it was created. This is one example of the future existing before the present. He gives a full discussion of this topic in the final few pages of this chapter and is well worth pondering on.
My conclusion of this chapter is the fact that the information has stimulated in my mind a desire to expand my thinking beyond what I am aware of in the present moment. I also see the opportunity to entertain how in fact I can make advantage of what is already known in the future and bring it to my present existence.
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