Our studies of “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”, claims we can. This is our current book we are working with on Quantum Leap Book Club.  The author, Dr. Joe Dispenza gives us a road map to follow. 

I have come to accept the value of taking pen and paper and actually answering the questions in the sections labelled “Opportunity to Write”. To dig deep into one’s personal thoughts and behaviors is not always easy . Yet in my experience it has proven to be a definite avenue to identify  an actual list of habitual thoughts and behaviors that are not serving me. If you have another person in your life who is doing the same exercises, it is well worth sharing answers particularly if this is a person who knows you well.  My experience of writing out my list has turned out to be a challenge. We have already learned earlier in this book,  much of what we do not like about ourselves is buried in our subconscious. We also have learned that meditation opens the “wall” between the conscious and the subconscious which allows any one of us to come to a greater awareness of ourselves.  With developing my list of undesired habits and memorizing the list, now I am invited to  challenge myself with the reminder of “CHANGE” each time a old undesired habit shows up.  It is clearly stated to speak out loud to oneself is an effective way to reach our subconscious. With being repetitive in catching myself, the outcome can be that I can surrender and replace with a desired behavior.  

When I first was introduced to the statistics that only 5% of our thoughts are conscious and 95% in our subconscious, I remember feeling very discouraged particularly with the information that is where my undesirable habits live.  However, the more I have worked with the exercises, I am starting to realize that a greater proportion of the 95% unconscious thoughts and habits can actually be positive and productive as I gradually replace them  I accept it will only be through my own motivation and efforts and repeatedly practicing new ways, that I can look forward to experiencing a “New Destiny”.  

Joyce Mollenhauer cohost of QLBC 

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