I found myself intrigued with how Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, (in his book “Matter into Feeling”  that we are currently studying in Quantum Leap Book Club) brings in the “Bell Curve” to help us understand an aspect of ourselves and our world.  He brings to our attention the tendency of a large percentage of humans finding it more acceptable to be viewed as average or so called “normal”. To quote from page 105, “As far as our behavior is concerned, most of us view ourselves as being among the so-called average or normal people” including “what we allow for ourselves in the way of expression and behavior, and what we will or won’t tolerate either in ourselves or as a “freedom” given to others.”

 A bell curve is defined as “a type of graph that is used to visualize the distribution of a set of chosen values across a specified group that tend to have  central, normal values, and peak with low and high extremes tapering off relatively symmetrically on either side.” 

What caught my interest was the awareness of grades earned in our educational system and how it is considered a sign of great success to be at the extreme end of the curve when one excels in some portion of the studies and a great disappointment to be at the opposite extreme.  So my question becomes – what makes a person celebrate success in the educational system and yet in their hearts the comfort level is to be average and even described as “normal” in their minds. 

Most people are aware of two facts. First, the individuals who have made profound impact historically in our world would never have been satisfied to be considered average/normal. Their unique and exceptional way of life was the driving force to lead them to contribute in profound and amazing ways. Then the second fact is one I believe many human beings have never accepted in their hearts. Each of us was born as “one of a kind” with a unique finger print and a unique potential in how each can contribute in their lifetime. In fact, there is some indication that depression can result when there is a struggle in one’s heart to discover what their unique purpose is. I celebrate that Dr. Wolf is bringing this forward  when he includes the discussion about the Bell Curve for us each to ponder in how we view this subject related to ourselves. 

Joyce Mollenhauer, cohost of Quantum Leap Book Club. 

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