Balancing Your energy centres and chance meetings with Yodelers in the rainforest

The Sacred language of the Heart – how to use Music  and Vibration as Tools as tools for health and personal transformation.

This terrific book is a journey starting with the power of our internal music: breath, heart and sigh then to the role of external music with the entrainment of heart with music and the entrainment of brain (more specifically brain waves B, A Th, D) with music.

Frequency as a particular tool for healing

Now in chapters 7 and 8 Barry Goldstein leads us specifically to music as sound, as frequency as a particular tool in healing specific areas of the four aspects of the Being, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual.

Recognising energy centres, also call nerve plexus.  Seven of them are recognised throughout many cultures.  No longer the domain of just spiritual these nerves plexus are recognise to be associated with specific organs, hormones and bodily functions.

Also recognised is the energetic nature of each centre.  Much like the heart is recognised for its magnetism so too are each of the plexus/chakras.

Chapter 7 has great summaries of the 7 along with the corresponding organs and typical conditions / presentations of each one when in good health (balance / open and in flow) and when constricted (like a blocked tap and the water comes out in spurts and not consistent).

Sound as frequency resonates with objects of corresponding coherence.  That is when the sound is occurring the wave of vibration set up vibration in the object.  As each of the 7 energy centres differs so too does corresponding the sound/frequency  that results in vibration of that centre.  Music/sound then can be used to open and expand each centre.  Chapter 7 provides the notes for each one.  In addition, there is recognition of the power of Chanting.


A repetitive sound or sounds that focuses the mind and creates a sound that is a vibration that influences the physical and spiritual bodies (as well as the emotional).  Chanting is used in cultures globally and Chapter 8 takes us one a journey with the Om (3 sounds and recognition of silence as the 4th sound),  Arrr, OOOO, MMMM break.  Chanting this sets up vibrations that positively influence all body parts (and mind/spirit).  Including this in the day is recommended and up to 20mins if you can.  Have a go and see for yourself what differences you notice.

Chanting and sounds are healing for self and others.  Sounds can assist a person during transition from the body and also at funerals. Today I met a delightful couple who go by the name of The Nature of Music, thought Yodeling (toning) together they create vibrations that have great outcomes.

Yodelling in the Rainforest a delightful chance encounter

This morning standing in the rainforest, by a river of rock water tumbling and calm emerald green pools, Amelia and Flo Yodeled a song that is base of a bird call.  Eyes closed I could feel the vibration throughout my body and all around me.  What a beautiful sharing.  We spoke of animals and vibrations and they shared a recent experience in Harvey Bay (QLD) where there were on a boat and yodeling to the Whales.  Also on the boat was a person playing the Traditional Instrument of many of the First Peoples from the North of Australia – the Didgeridoo (a common name and noting each Peoples have their own name in language for the instrument).  Whales came right up to the boat and it felt to Amelia and Flo that there was a definite friendly and curious communication sharing.  Indeed frequency is a common language across all sentient beings, including trees and water and clouds and sky.  So draw from Chapters 7 and 8 terrific tools to see if and which body center’s are in flow and any blocked and use the examples sounds to expand and align your center’s and create beauty for others.


Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta

Learning Centre for Human Development