Quantum Non-location and the passing on of characteristics.  A great insight from Chapter 6 of Matter into Feeling by Prof Fred Alan Wolf.  Discussed in QLBC https://quantumleapbookclub.com/ with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha.

Quantum Physics has a term : Quantum Non-location.  In summary it notes that if two forms (eg 2 x people, 2 x bacteria, 2 x electrons..) have been in contact (entangled) at some stage then they will forever influence each other.  This influence is beyond time and space.

When a scientist measures, in one petri dish, the resistance of a bacterial colony to anti-biotics then the bacteria in the next petri dish will show the same characteristics (resistance level) as those measure in dish 1.

So thinking about that for a moment how powerful is it when you truly meet and know something about another person (such that you know enough that your entangled) and as you do something it influences them as well.

How could you apply this?

In Pa’Ris’Ha’s words:  “When You Lift Yourself You Lift 1000 Others”

If you have children or parents and want them to be ethical – then you be ethical, if you want them to be healthy – healthy you be healthy, want caring – be caring… and so on.  While it’s no so direct what can be seen is that as you make yourself a more ‘ideal’ person you influence the field and that makes it easier for others.  Starting with those closets to you.

Geraldene Dalby-Ball

Elaway De’Yi’Ng’Li ta