Reading or listening to books is highly recommended and this can be for reasons not always known at the start.

To get out of our ‘box’ we need something new. The box being the usual neuronal firing that is how your brain cells connect together – how they think.

How do you think different?   You need some different information in.

I’ve been reading, and listening to the first chapter, of the Four Agreements and I remember picking it up years ago and reading “be impeccable with my word” and feeling down as I wasn’t doing this. The inner critic was so strong a line of failure there that I didn’t keep reading!!! Of if only I had. I had interpretate that as anything I say I must 100% do it and this is still the case, however, on allowing a deeper look, I would have realised that my words were making agreements on others terms and so I was in a loose-loose (if I did what I’d agreed based on another’s ways than that was against myself/ if I didn’t do what I said and stayed true to my inner voice then I wasn’t being true with my word).

Maybe this was a set up to refuel a chemical addiction to those old feelings and thoughts.

How powerful to read now and really hear and see HOW SIMPLE it can be.
Be you, say what you mean and mean what you say!!

In this chapter there is a sharing of the definition of impeccable explained as to not sin against oneself.

Being impeccable with the word is checking that everything you say is uplifting yourself and others.

It doesn’t mean your cast into hell if you said something, then you didn’t do it.
That process of telling yourself off is not being impeccable with your word. To be impeccable, you add to and build up.
Review, critique. Learn from mis-takes (do re-takes) to do and be different.
This is quite different from going over and over negatives with self talk.

So being impeccable with a word I release myself from judging myself against other people standards.
I check-in and ask myself what is the set of agreements I have with myself.
Are my words in alignment with those agreements.

Great opening chapter describing the process of domestication of humans with punishment and reward, and how people become self-domesticated after a certain time, and don’t need the external punishment and reward any more because we do it to ourselves.

Ha! Here I am in front of the computer ‘domesticated successfully’ to be writing reports to get them complete, or am I being impeccable with my word getting them done because I said I would? Or did I set this up so I could feel sorry for myself working, or was I needing acknowledgement of the volume of projects done?? That would be insanity as the Quantum shows us Health, Wealth and Happiness come from feeling and thinking it = precisely. Quite different from late night typing.

So I celebrate the realisation and with it take action. An action of BEING different. Checking in by my agreements. Looking to future and creating that now.

How excruciating it can be to realise the self-creation and self-perpetuation of suffering.

Yes to realise it again, and to have it really sink in.

A combination of realisations with 1) that domestication through the agreement with others principles leads to domestication of ourself and 2) with this domestication in place we set up an internal judge, and internal critic and internal victim and what a triad of suffering that generates if allowed to go unchecked.

How liberating it is to know that one can set their own rules.
Being true to those rules you are being impeccable to your word.

All the best

Elaway De’Ye’NgLi’ta

Geraldene Dalby-Ball