I’m excited by the whole process of moving through dimensions as one travels into the Inner Earth.
Before I started reading this book, I don’t think I would have meant that as I do now. I would probably never have considered that going inside the earth would involve changes in these areas.

I consider myself a scientist, a relatively open-minded one at that. But the whole process of reading Radu’s accounts and then reflecting on them and finally concluding that, my god, it’s all possible, has been a journey that has shaken me to my very foundations.
I’m one of those people who learned the math and scientific principles that are taught in schools and universities. In my profession we depend on those laws and principles to make sure the things we build work the way we want them to.
Sure, there are some places where holes had been punched in my scientific bastion of knowledge, like when I did my first fire-walk for example, but those “exceptions” were relegated to the back burner and never really dissected to closely. So overall, I read the theories and pretty much bought the whole enchilada.
It’s been there staring me in the face this whole time, but this is the first time I am really seeing it.
I remember that at one point in the book Radu is speaking with Cezar and Cezar tells the story of the magician. To someone watching the magician do the trick it really does look like magic. It definitely looks like the magician has broken the laws of science. And if ever the magician is asked how the trick is done, he will maintain the sense of illusion that science has been defied. But someone with a view from a different angle or vantage point would clearly see the slight of hand or misdirection that the magician has used to create the illusion. They would understand that a new perspective provides the science that explains the trick.
When I realized that simple concept, really understood it, it was like a curtain being pulled back on a whole new world of possibilities.
I feel like the flatlanders who realize there are 3 dimensions and how much they really don’t know about the world. We have been approaching science and reality from this narrow, 3-dimensional perspective. And we have the clues. Mikio Kiku spoke about 10 dimensions and other people have preached multiple dimensions, but up until now I just accepted they were insignificant.
But suddenly I have a reason to think about what if they are not insignificant, but rather immensely significant and wildly new ways.