In preparing what I wished to share on the program for Quantum Leap Book Club this evening, I became aware of two strong desires. One is to connect with the “unknown” as a natural ability and a daily way of life. I recognize this requires enlarging my awareness without expectations. The fact of entertaining expectations means I am relating to a previous experience and thus is not coming from the unknown. In following the author’s instruction, I realize meditation is one tool leading to experiencing the “unknown”. 

I also became aware of a deep desire to develop a relationship with my brain. I recognize this involves first studying all the parts of the brain and the role each plays in my life. With awareness of each function, I realize I can call on their “gifts” in circumstances when I need the effects.

In my vision of a functional relationship with my brain, I see the advantage of working with the different brain waves. Two exercises Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has encouraged us to work with are the following: first is the exercise of taking paper and pen and setting a timer for five minutes. In that time, you write every thought that passes through your awareness without editing or analyzing. Just write. (It is revealing to say the least how the thoughts pour out without any breaks.) The second part of the exercise is to close your eyes and again be aware of your thoughts (without recording them). This time it is a relief to recognize by reducing outer stimuli with your eyes closed, immediately you notice the difference with the frequency of the brain waves starting to slow down. This is a great experience as it is a demonstration increased comfort and clarity when thoughts are easier to catch hold of and adjust. Such a great example of how accessible the journey can be towards moving first into theta brain waves and then into alpha brain waves which is the creative and imaginal destination. The ultimate goal is to reach the level of gamma brain waves which is described as unforgettable and “out of worldly” experience.

The various parts of your brain can be considered the players on your team that are there to serve you.  Recognition on your part of what they are offering is all that is needed.  Our author in his quest to guide us to “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” is teaching us the value and role of how the many parts of our brain function to make our lives move towards our potential. I realize with a personal relationship with my brain, I will be very motivated to get the value of how each serves me.

Dr. Joe stresses the importance of initial preparation for meditation. Similar to “warming” the muscles of the body before morning exercise routine of running or rapid walk, in the same realm is the important steps to master prior to meditation. There is a list os possible actions to complete including stretching, deep breathing, create an appropriate environment, quiet music (if desired), incense. Each person will have their own particulars that set the scene for them.

Dr. Joe’s exercise of focusing on the space close to and within the body and expanding to the room, the house, the town, the state, the country and so on is a valuable method of preparing for meditation. When one considers that our physical body is comprised of only a minute amount of matter compared to a vast percentage as energy, doing this exercise often leads to an understanding that our bodies are comprised of the unending “space” we exist in that is connected with all things and is called the “field” we exist in as well as project outwards from into the world. 

Back to my desire to develop a working relationship with my brain, I found myself pondering the fact of the brain being composed of 100 million neurons (just consider this fact – these are all individual nerve cells). Every single one of those vast numbers of neurons communicate with each other through 1000 trillion synaptic connections. A synapse is where nerve impulses/“messages” are transmitted from a nerve cell to a neighboring nerve cell. It is beyond comprehension to embrace the enormity of this activity happening with every breath we live without our awareness or need to orchestrate. This is just an initial list of connecting with my brain. Other areas worth exploring in another article would be the amygdala and its role with our emotions, the pituitary and pineal gland and their powerful contributions, the cerebrospinal fluid and the role of water allowing electrical communication to occur between nerve cells. The list is vast and definitely all are worth exploring.

Joyce Mollenhauer cohost Quantum Leap Book Club

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