Activating your heart’s intelligence with music

In the first chapters of the book The Secret Language of the heart how to use music sound and vibration as tools for healing and personal transformation barry Goldstein introduces us to a series of three steps called heartsong which result in greater coherence between the heart and all of the body coherence being a term that means communication with and in fact a definition of hard coherence from the heart Math Institute is heart coherence is marked by a smooth and balanced heart rhythms, it is the optimal state for your heart, mind and emotions and all of the processes in your body, including cognitive, hormonal, digestive, respiratory and immune systems.

Understanding coherence and the role with the heart includes knowing that this heart coherence results in a harmonious outcome for the four bodies that is the mental physical spiritual and emotional. Your heart is the orchestra and if we think of our whole bodies as an orchestra when the instruments are in good communication with each other and there’s an agreement on the tempo and continuing communication between the instruments the music is coherent without an agreement and without communication it’s an incoherent sound. Emotions are the conductor of our own orchestra high vibrational also called happy joyful grateful grateful content emotions resulting high heart rate variability and heart rate variability is directly proportional to our ability to manage stresses.

The role of music in coherence

Bringing the inner world that is our heart rate our breath even our sigh in coherence with the external world that is in this case music is the example of coherence and by bringing the inner and external worlds into coherence we can bring about deep states of relaxation enabling natural healing.

An example of this is a newborn baby whose natural inclination of movement and fussing and a little bit of grizzling is seen to be placated when the young one is exposed to music at 60 beats per minute particular music designed with the full intention to result in reduced anxiety and increase calmness. Emotions in heart coherence.

Intention is a seemingly overlooked ingredient of amazing outcomes when you’re in a room you share the energetic field whether you hear the sound or not if you walk into a room that has had lots of joyful occurrences you’ll feel that likewise if you’ve walked into a room just after an argument or a disagreement you’ll feel that too that’s picking up on the shared energy field.

Likewise when two musicians play the same music even though the musicians be of equal skill you can get a different effect depending on the intention of the musician playing the music. This is much like cooking when you know the person who loves cooking is the one whose food often is the tastier.

Shared fields go beyond what we can hear and the book gives us an example where Barry Goldstein played music with a particular intention to bring restful relaxed outcomes those living with him while they couldn’t hear the music was able to pick up on this calming vibration being sent out.

Sound tools for transformation

As in every chapter this book is a doing book not just a listening book.  The keys that were given at the end of chapter two allows us to put in place the statement that music is beyond doubt a powerful vehicle that communicates and affects our hearts through our deepest trials and tribulations that even when the brain is not functioning well music can communicate to our hearts.

In summary we can utilise music to entrain that is to bring into alignment more orderly heart rhythms and elevate to more positive emotions this in turn can increase heart rate variability which has many benefits lower stress improved mental behaviours and abilities enhanced immune function lesser anxiety a stronger stronger inner peace so get a copy of the book and you’ll see on page 26 there are two sound tools for transformation choosing three songs that take you to an elevated emotion embrace the feeling of gratitude love joy listen to those songs throughout the day particularly if you’re stuck in a negative emotion work on in training your heart to these emotional states and creating a shared field of emotion by listening or even singing with these songs.

During a particular reflective part of my life when I was letting a lot of things go i’d listen to the song from Frozen let it go.  I listen to it loud when driving and singing along of course with all the windows open in hindsight I’m sure it wasn’t only for me but as the car moved through space it was making in its wake a flow of transformation letting go indeed.