What is Biocentrism? When I saw the title of the book Biocentrism by Robert Lanza, MD with Bob Berman, all I could say is, “What is that?”  I had heard of biodiversity and biology and biosphere, but not biocentrism.  The dictionary defines it as from Greek βίος bios, “life” and κέντρον kentron, “center”), in a political and ecological sense, as well as literally, is an ethical point of view that extends inherent value to all living things. Simply put, life centered.  But the authors take this further.

The tag line of the book is “How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe.”  What!  Is this a paradigm shift?  We have heard a lot from physics and astronomy about the nature of the universe and from what the universe is made, or how it started.  Big Bang Theory is one theory.  But again, this is theory, and it seems that every time there is more information, there are more questions, because it is theory and not proven.  And the biggest issue with many approaches is that life and consciousness are not addressed, in some cases ignored. Yet isn’t it from our life and perspective, our observer, from which we live and experience.

The authors are bringing forward a new approach that is life centered and consciousness centered. They say, “This book proposes that, rather than a belated and minor outcome after billions of years of lifeless physical processes, life and consciousness are absolutely fundamental to our understanding of the universe.  We call this new perspective biocentrism.” Definitely something to consider and maybe it will change your perceptions as you know them right now.  Deepak Chopra calls this book’s concepts “Original and exciting!”  And with principles built on established science, it demands a rethink of current theories.

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