The Secret of Quantum Living – Chapter 2
Do you relate to that opening statement in Chapter 2 where is says

“the shortage of time is the greatest shortage of our time”
Even with the training and experiences to date this matter of ‘getting everything done in the time available’ is one I’m looking at. Looking at it is a start.
Question to myself: has this ‘lots on and many close due-dates’ been true for me in the or is this just now?
Ans: Yes
So if yes then it’s not an out there thing happening to me. By Quantum entrainment (bringing things into my flow) I’ve continued to bring this situation in. A friend said recently why are your projects seemingly always urgent and important – even though you have many different client and different projects? He suggested I better train my clients expectations – inside I thought I better train what I’m putting out there and attracting! I’d much rather justify why it’s the fault of ‘out-there’ why it’s the industry, or my skills being needed and wanted when projects are not simple. See if I made it the fault or consequence of the external world then there’s nothing I have to do about it. I have no ‘responsibility’ for their needs that become my projects.

If I take that word Responsibility and look at it we can see Respond with Ability. So now do I want to stay controlled by the external environment or to respond with ability?

Hmmm – yes.

So back to the initial question: is the feeling/reality of stresses from the thoughts of ‘getting everything done in the time available’ a new thing or is this a repeat pattern?

Well this feeling has been here before – high school assignments, university papers, finally handing in thesis (being sure that life will be so blissfully relaxed after that). Instead, I ‘subconsciously’ imagined situations that resulted in little adrenaline hits. Head on pillow about to see and my inner video shows a little dog running onto the road – my heart pumps fast, tingles straight to my hands…. Then the image goes. Internal video was successful in creating the ‘chemical hit’ the body had got addicted too.

So what about now – knowing that this was ‘chemical addition to emotion’ and that giving up chemicals created by emotions it’s the same as giving up chemicals that come from food or drugs whether it be sugar, salt, nicotine, alcohol… there is a mechanism for changing the body’s internal baseline chemistry and a large part of that comes with avoiding fat chemical completely for some time. It is generally noted that this is about three months and from a bio logical perspective that makes sense as in about 3 months most of your cells have divided and are now knew. The external wrapping of the cell, the cell membrane, is the gatehouse for what gets in and influences which part of the multitude of DNA will be turned on to create proteins and other substances. The membrane or the gatehouse literally has active doors in which it let substances in or not. The number and type of substances floating around in the bodies system influences the number of doorways.

For example if there is high level of sugar frequently in the blood then the cells that respond to the sugar molecule a more abundant on the cell surface. It’s a simple process in that the more ‘units’ of substance on the external half of the cell membrane the longer the queue building up awaiting to be let into the cell. Like any good manager the body then responds by creating more doorways to that particular substance to reduce the queues.

More doorways are created when the cells divides and recreates as two new (improved) cells. This is its way of working with the long queues of molecules. It’s not a process of determining what is beneficial, or not, who should be let in and who shouldn’t. The response is just to the instruction reduce queues “ if there is a long queue then make doorways when you upgrade so the queues go away.

So back to our story. The way to have less of a substance long-term is simply to have less of that substance floating around the outside of the cell membrane. Abstinence from that substance results in a break in the addiction to, in my case adrenaline, there needs to be less adrenaline washing around the cell membranes for the cells, when they divide, to make less doorways for that substance.

How is this done?
Being aware of when the creation of emotions (and thus internal chemicals) is happening we can be conscious (aware of) and break in on that thought and create a different thought/feeling (thus creating different internal chemicals).

Sounds easy! Well not always so having tools to assist in the switch of thought/feeling.

It may be you have a particular song you can turn on open brackets which is one thing I did close brackets it could be a picture that you look at some other emotion that then means the original chemical of adrenaline is produced less and those emotions you want more of, joy, gratitude, contentment, purpose filling list now start to queue up in the body and the cells now say there’s fewer adrenaline units queued up and more gratitude ones so as we divide let’s make more doorways for gratitude.

Hence this Chapter 2 of The Secret of Quantum Living invites us to look at the reality that for many humans today our thoughts:
“resemble a knot of wriggling snakes rather than the motion of the stars”
and invites us to be open to the idea that we can be both active and quite at the same time.

“You can have your cake and eat it too”!!

You can have restful inner peace while engaged in your daily routine.

Awareness is the key.

So onto the next chapter and more on ‘how to do this’.

Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta