Biocentrism, how life and consciousness are the keys to understanding the true nature of the universe.

This is our current book on Quantum Leap Club. What is a Robert Lanza with Bob Berman in previous chapters represented the scientific background and recognition of these two Robert Lanzer and here in chapters 89 and 10, we are looking at a lot of detail in chapter 8, which you’re welcome to look at and it’s got that wonderful double slit experiment and for this I would recommend watching the cartoon called Dr Quantum Dr Quantum is actually Professor Fred Alan Wolf PhD. Check out the double slit experiment cartoon a great way of visualising parts of chapter 8.

Why even need to know about the double slit experiment?
Well, really it’s telling us that solid particles can behave as a wave. This idea of a wave is not a surfing wave is a probability potential. So in essence there’s no particular defined matter there is a probability that matter could appear (become a particle).

So what makes it become a particle?
Well it’s said when someone measures it, someone looks at it.

This act is described as removing the freedom for this entity to stay in this blurry, none define state.
That’s it just the active measuring.
So asking myself what am I measuring in my life to move things from blurry uncertainty to being specific.
And even before measuring what am I being aware of? What am I not.

A sentence that really stood out on page 80 saying that looking at an atom, prevents it from changing. They g give examples like if there was enough concentration, observing continuously, an atomic bomb it wouldn’t be able to change is energy, and therefore it wouldn’t explode.

So without observation, matter dwells in an undetermined state of probability.

Chapter 9 takes us through the concept of the Goldilocks universe.

Why Goldilocks well, Goldilocks had everything just perfect, and indeed this universe, and the species, which inhabit it sing to have perfect conditions for each other.

Reasons given I think God for biocentrism, but it really being very people centred what does biocentrism self? There is this in twined relationship between the observer and the observed.

It speaks to the perfection of all the forces, gravity, and how everything is just right.

I love the little delve into the creation and explosion and re-creation of stars, and did the chapter talks about our current son, being a third-generation star, and at how heavier materials or Adams created inside stars.

Even more beautiful with the concept that stars sing in this creates carbon. Well, that’s not quite the scientific description, but it speaks of the improbability of carbon being made from the simple helium and hydrogen by simple steps as the Atomic material in the in-between stages is too unstable.

However resonance, that is the creation of a vibration, and the response of something vibrating and being changed, because of it occurs to bring about the creation of carbon from stars.

Interesting to read about the concept of randomness and how from a scientific perspective the chance of this Goldilocks Uni-Verse, another things working so well, just buy random chance open. Random chance of natural selection is so highly unlikely they described it as silly rather does the look that once an observer appears , the universe becomes a steady state as it moves from probability into a thing a lot is looked up with relation to the concept of 14 billion years ago 1 trillion trillion trillion tons of matter. Just blipped out of nothing this where there’s a suggestion that science pretends to explain the cosmos Includes with principle of biocentrism is

The very structure of the universe is explainable only through biocentrism. The universe is fine, tuned for life, which makes perfect sense as life creates the universe, not the other way around. The universe is simply the complete spatiotemporal logic of the self.

In other words does nothing out there, but Potential. In the world can be a reflection of the outer world

Pondering the power of this, and opportunities that lay within these ideas for living harmoniously with this beautiful planet and surrounds.

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