Music has long been recognized as a powerful tool for healing and personal transformation. Its ability to evoke emotions, soothe the soul, and ignite motivation has been harnessed for centuries. In “The Secret Language of the Heart” by Barry Goldstein, has the final section (Part 3 titled musical prescriptions for Health), dedicated to the concept of Music as Medicine and includes specific ‘prescriptions’ for situations including: Alzheimers,  bereavement and  grief, cancer, dementia, dental pain and anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, palliative care and the dying process, Parkinsons, disease, pregnancy, and childbirth, psychosis, stress, stroke.

It’s prescription is based on case studies and evidence of improvement in the condition in the case of diseases, or in the process in the case of pregnancy and childbirth.

Other conditions, such as write brain dominance, also known as ADHD, show, how music can assist in, focusing and directing attention.

For each condition, two or more example songs are provided as Wellers steps in how to communicate with the person the music is being compiled for to maximise their input.

Goldstein’s book explores how music, when chosen and composed with intention, can reach deep into the human psyche and facilitate emotional healing. Hattie’s music, as a representation of carefully curated and purposeful soundscapes, becomes a conduit for transformation. It taps into the secret language of the heart, a language that transcends spoken words and connects with the core of human experience.

In essence, “The Secret Language of the Heart” underscores how music, especially when wielded with intention, becomes a universal language of healing and self-discovery. It speaks to the transformative capabilities of music, reminding us that the melodies and rhythms that resonate with our hearts hold the keys to profound personal growth and emotional healing.

Personally I’ve been using the music, upon waking and for working.  As a right brain dominant (old name being ADHD) I’ve found it highly assisting in focus and concentration.  So for yourself or those you’re in contact with.  Share the love through the healing power of Music knowing there are specific ‘prescriptions’ for the various conditions.