Chapter 5

Music the Bridge to Re-tuning Emotions

Verbal event repeat and included with emotion it can be absorbed into our field and creates its own frequency

Frequency repeated is a vibration that is a belief system.

Music is a perfect tool for attuning to a new vibration and shifting a belief system.

Re-tuning our old belief system

Can go out of tune and if ones stays awhile (enough to build up the matching chemistry of that ‘tune’) then even when re-tuned to optimal there is a pull back to the old ‘tune’ the stretched non-optimal one because it is what the piano has got use to.  Its more comfortable, less effort.  In terms of a person it’s a matching of the chemistry that correlates with that tune (and the tune my be angry, suppressed anger, afraid, ‘shy’ and other of the range of feelings (tunes) and combinations of these.

We come in attuned to the higher frequencies of love, laughter, gratitude, wonder, curiosity and then through the conclusions with make to life experiences one may drop down to the lower tunes/frequencies.

If there was an enjoyable, easy, do anywhere action that you can use to re-tune your frequencies to those life enhancing higher emotions (tunes) would you do it?

Well here it is:

Implement Songs on a daily basis.

Frequently listen (and where ever possible sing along to) a song that creates elevated emotions.

You’ll re-tune and stay in that higher vibration and the pull back to the old will get lower and lower until it’s gone.  You’ll be literally ‘singing a new tune’.

Identify your Musical Pinnacle

Your happy song = your Dopamine

Be the DJ of your Life

Understand the role of a great DJ they have the power to completely transform things with a 5 minute song turning something into an energetic and unforgettable event. Know that different types of music create different types of feelings and bring people together in different ways so the same principles apply when adding them to your own life create an energetic road map to create amazing events every day be the DJ of your life.

Playlist protocols

A playlist is a compilation of songs you put together to create a specific mood emotional energetic outcome enhance your listening experience and help bring awareness to musical preferences by taking consideration of the following the volume how loud to play paragraph the tempo poster tempo is the speed at which his song is played it’s the beats per minute knowing the beats per minute and how that influences is important slow songs are usually 40 to 70 beats per minute medium 75 to 115 and fast songs are over 120 beats per minute.

Genre when you’re making your compilation ask yourself if the genre is what you intend for the playlist is it meant to be relaxing is it meant to be uplifting you may have many different genres keep it fun.


Rhythm is a repeated pattern of music or sound it’s accented by long or short notes the rhythm can create a mood. An example of rhythm would be the afro cuban rhythm which is effective in being dynamic this could be good for an exercise playlist poster listen to different rhythms in music and see what moods are evoked in you take notes and come back and create your own genres with different rhythms all in one playlist so you can evoke A targeted emotion.


A melody is the part of the song you can hum or whistle even without the words it’s the part that can be stuck in your head it can be a high beat one like rock around the clock awesome old classics from Neil Diamond piano man or Taylor Swift there are times we might not want melody and musical piece for example when you going to sleep the melody can trigger out analytical mind and think do we like that or not like that. If you’re aiming to sleep or get relaxed you simple long tones this will help you wind down and they won’t create earworms and even is a song that won’t leave your mind


lyrics of the words in the song make sure you use lyrics to take you to your intended state.


Creating a song is like building a house out of frequencies. The lower frequencies create the foundation the lowest part usually connects you to the earth the mid frequencies are like the walls guitars synthesisers vocals your high frequencies are like the roof symbols hi vocal hi guitar cool start new line Frequencies can be beneficial and have a spiritual context they can be grounding helping us to focus. The higher frequencies Can connect us to the it’s serial helping us clear mind chatter and opening our intuition.

Important to remember that specific frequencies help induce a particular brain state

Chords and modes

Different notes played together create chords codes also called modes can create different emotional experiences minor chords can make you feel sad contemplate if respective while major chords make you feel happy confident and inspired

Keeping these playlist protocols in mind will help you as you begin to design new playlists we can truly listen to music within and deep in our experience of recorded in life music

When external music resonates with internal music the heartbeat the breath in the PSI the seed of transformation is nurtured. Listening can be an adventure and

where adventures invited transformation awaits

Sound tools for transformation this section on page 59 of the secret language of the heart how do use music, sound, and vibrational as tools for healing and personal transformation has for questions/ directives for us to do including playing songs from other cultures and playing your music pinnacle or happy song. Notice your internal feeling your heart your mind your emotion.

Chapter 6 creating playlist for transformation

Chapter 6 creating playlists for transformation music takes us out of the actual and whispers to us Tim secrets that start allow wonder as to who we are and where we are from and where we go bridging emotional states with playlists

Each time you listen to a piece of music you unleash the potential to take on a powerful journey as you can evoke an array of emotions Anna song can do this in 5 minutes or less when we group songs that have similar intention forget to provoking a positive emotion it can increase the experience.

Identify contracted an expansive energetic states

Before creating your playlist identify what energetic state you’re in what energetic state do you want to go to what music playlist is the bridge that takes you there

Define your present emotional state

Use the hearts on breathing process breathing for breath up through the bottom of your feet to your heart and releasing the breath through the heart with a sigh define your present.

Through using the heart breaths the three from your feet from your head in out through your heart you can see how you’re actually feeling is contracted such a sad or expansive such as joyous write down your answers and look at the words you filled in let them bring you an awareness of your present state this can help dealing with a negative motions instead of pushing them down into our physical body it helps us recognise the positive emotion behind our expensive States and how we can amplify them

Recognise your target emotional state

use the hot sun breathing process to create a blank palette do several repetitions of the three breath process

  • present state right now I’m feeling contracted I’m being sad
  • future state the emotion by shift two is being happy

it could also be present state I’m feeling joyous future state I shift to ecstasy

write down your future states on the opposite side of your paper look at the entries from both sides present and future what playlists can you create that will take you from one side to the other

A gratitude playlist will shift your sadness to a happy state creating an inspirational playlist will amplify your joyous state to an ecstatic one the choice is yours.

play list construction and vibrational metamorphosis

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and give yourself a chance to create your first playlist the listening experience for the heart mind as well as is don’t just pick a song let them pick you it’s a fun and sacred process

your vibration is based on your cumulative experiences

include the playlist protocols of volume tempo key genre rhythm melody frequency and lyrics mix and match your playlist to explore all as many or as few songs as you like generally three to 10 songs per playlist

you are the orchestra of your playlist so you feel it will best serve your intentions

putting your playlist into action

shifting your emotional consciousness

sometimes the shift is subtle other times it is obvious any shift is good

use your music playlist on a daily basis and this can change to new patterns of elevated emotions creating a positive shared field

The shared field then uplifts those around you.

Sound tools for transformation

Four points are provided on page 70 you can read them specifically there in an overall they talk about specific songs and using your playlist as a road map towards the energy you need in each situation becoming familiar with it committing to using them when you feel out of balance and constantly look for new music

Suggested music in chapter 6 is from you it’s witch playlist did you create.