The current book we are discussing on Quantum Leap Book Club is “The Secret Language of the Heart” by Barry Goldstein. This gem starts off with a Foreword by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe shares his own personal experience with music in his youth and the efforts he put daily to practice scales and chords as a drill prior to learning classical pieces. This experience seemed to him to be more of a prison sentence than a creative ambition. When his parents allowed Joe to move from classical music to jazz, blues, pop and rock and roll, he felt liberated. However, at high school his interests changed and he moved away from his studies with music. His father cautioned him that one day he would regret stopping his pursuit of music. 

The teamwork Dr. Joe developed with Barry Goldstein has led to a powerful addition in Dr. Joe’s programs. Dr. Joe describes the music Barry composes as moving the hearts and souls of his listeners. Barry plays live music during meditations as part of the five-day workshops. These meditations last from one hour to three hours. Barry’s music is always different. He intuitively plays music that changes brain waves from wakefulness to a state of transcendence. The effect on the brain, the heart, the energy in the room and the energy around people’s bodies is measured scientifically at these events.

 In the preface of his book, Barry Goldstein describes how his love affair with music began from a young age when, after mastering three chords, he started writing songs. He since recognized that it is through music his spiritual practice evolved.

Barry shares that, for a period, music became his livelihood and his love for music was getting lost. He was finding it a grueling experience to work as a musician and producer of records. He wanted to regain his love for music and reconnect with the 12-year-old boy who sat on his bed writing songs in pure bliss.

 In his search, he learned that a human heart in a relaxed state beats about 60 times per minute. He started composing music at a tempo of 60 beats per minute. His first intention was to reach a more relaxed state himself. He intensely desired to regain the connection with his heart along with his passion and love for music. He moved from formally composing music to allowing music to move through him. He started to “allow music, the secret language of the heart, to speak to him once again”. He intuitively played his music to serve the highest capacity of healing for the listener and for himself. He experienced the feeling of his heartbeat and the music being in sync. The orderly heart rhythm (coherence) brought many health benefits. His body, mind and spirit moved back into balance.

 Applying this new musical ability with public audiences, Barry celebrated that he was able to assist people with sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, brain harmony, focus and clarity along with shifting the environment.

 When he partnered with Dr. Worden, they explored how music can treat medical conditions. He researched for 3 years and then started to lecture at medical conferences.

 His personal gains were increased energy, clarified purpose, and an expanded focus to reach for new levels of success.

Barry concludes, in this preface, that we are meant to live a musical life. He emphasizes the outcomes possible of harmonic relationships, careers that include rhythm and improved physical health.

 This is potentially a life changing book for all of us who read and put in action what he teaches. It is definitely a book worth purchasing.

Dr. Joyce Mollenhauer, ND, BSN, RN, Nurse Coach

I am privileged to be a co-host on a fun, interesting, and life changing radio show called Quantum Leap Book Club, a program of The Learning Center For Human Development.  We focus on books that celebrate the incredible expansion and changes in Consciousness in our world.