Throughout this book Fred Allen Wolf has taken us on such an amazing  journey. For me it has been one of looking at my beliefs about time and the present that I had never considered  before. But it has opened a door to seeing the Universe and myself in such a different perspective,  a much deeper and richer one and most definitely one in which when you begin to look at what he is telling us in these chapters is that we have much more control of our lives and our destiny than previously thought.

In this chapter he uses the Hebrew letter symbol of ayn to describes how information of streams of possibility becomes tangible – probable – meaning that each possibility really exists although each may not be very evident to us. Here he is showing us how there are an infinite imaginable realities or possibilities  that exist in the imaginable realm that can manifest into probable realities. So think about this for a moment . The definition of possibility is :  a thing that may happen or be the case. The definition of probability is :  the extent to which something is probable, the likelihood of something happening.

The difference between the two is that Probability means something may happen but is more likely to happen. On the other hand ,possibility means something may happen but the likelihood is not determined.

So what does this translate to us in our everyday lives ? When you begin to really ponder on these concepts you begin to realize you are not the victim of circumstances in your life . You begin to realize that in the field of all possibilities of the imaginable what you choose to focus on and create becomes a probability in your life. You begin to look at your outer world and see how it is a direct result of what you have spent time and energy focusing on if you so not have  what you want. If your life is not what you want. And the exiting and exhilarating part of this journey is to begin how we can change these possibilities into probabilities through the imaginable.

The freedom that comes with this realization is a journey worth embarking on taking on any challenges that may arise as a result of our decision and commitment to make that change.

Maria Jacques