Chapter one of the book, The Secret Language of the Heart by Barry Goldstein, finds us taking a deeper look at the music within us. On our recent Quantum Leap Book Club radio discussion, I found myself considering the tendency in our society and other parts of our world to take little responsibility for our bodily functions. We tend to take for granted the miracle of our body and assume little responsibility to maintain the miracle our body represents. It is my great delight that Barry Goldstein gives us factual information as well as practical ideas on how to become personally involved to ensure our bodies continue to serve us.

Our author speaks at length about our inner music operating from our sacred heartbeat, our breath, and our sigh. He refers to our heartbeat as the rhythm created and our breath serving as the conductor of our inner music. I was extremely interested by the emphasis he puts on the importance of our SIGH. The following is some of the powerful information I researched.  It is recommended that we take a double intake of breath – that means taking a breath, pausing and then adding to that breath. When we follow that double breath with a sigh, the result is an opening of the alveoli of our lungs, an actual reinflation of the collapsed alveoli that occurs with the exhalation of the breath. The “haaaa” sound is considered as a sound from our soul. The sigh, which is an exaggerated exhale, gives us the following benefits: slows our heart rate, lowers our blood pressure, improves digestion, and allows our mind to wind down and relax. All these benefits result without medication and the accompanying side effects!

 This chapter includes a variety of breathing exercises, all with major benefits to our mind, heart and soul.  Once you obtain a copy of this book, you will be amazed at how easy it is to incorporate the exercises described in your daily life.

The greatest impact for me with this chapter is a new awareness of how much I leave my body to do its own thing. This book opens my awareness that not only do I have a role and a responsibility but also an opportunity with music that I have not fully embraced until now. The benefits are colossal with the only requirement being the willingness to develop a daily music habit similar to what our author is offering to enhance your life.

The music of Barry Goldstein is available on YouTube videos for your enjoyment and benefit.

Dr. Joyce Mollenhauer, ND, BSN, RN, Nurse Coach

I am privileged to be a co-host on a fun, interesting, and life changing radio show called Quantum Leap Book Club, a program of The Learning Center For Human Development.  We focus on books that celebrate the incredible expansion and changes in Consciousness in our world.