As we begin to come to the end of this book and I really think this is one of those books that I will never put down.  As the material is so life-changing that it really is not a one-time read.  This being my second time around with this book has really been a life changer. Perhaps I was ready to make those changes in my life and thus I began more diligently to integrate the material and began to see the outcomes in my life that I have been wanting.  I am not perfect and as they say  ” not done yet ”  I am still a work in progress.  But I am beginning to like what I see.  The new me that is evolving and I am rediscovering and allowing to surface to that .9999 conscious state.  Because you see it’s all in us, it’s just all the programming and hardwired tapes that keep us enslaved to the old self.

I know that it is something that I have yearned for all my life and if you have been drawn to reading this book and joining us on the calls you yourself have felt that inner calling. It becomes like the seed that is reaching for the surface of the soil to bloom into the beautiful flower that it is and show its face to the sun.

Recently I had the opportunity to move past a  challenge myself of going on a life-changing trip that I almost dropped out of because of listening to the ” old ” tapes”. Money has always been one of my challenges and that I have worked on throughout working with this book. Feeling that I never had enough. Well as I faced that demon face to face, I said to myself,  How would I have broken the habit of being my “old “self  ( believing I never have enough)  if I give into this belief? What would I have done with all this work and effort I put in throughout this time? No,  was the answer I heard in my head. I literally heard a voice,  my own, the observer, whoever it was, I LISTENED!  I knew this trip was mine to do so I listened to that voice. And it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I went on this trip and I will never be the same.

Begin to listen to those voices, trust me you are not crazy.

Maria A. Jacques