Recently I was reading an article and came across a quote by Allan Watts that left me thinking. It stated :

We did not come into this world: we came from it, like the leaves of a tree.  Like the

               ocean produces waves, the universe produces people. Each individual is an expression

                of the whole kingdom of nature, a single action of the total universe. Rarely this is, if at any

                time it is at all, felt by the majority of the individuals.

This statement left such a profound effect on me when I read it. What it says to me is that we are nothing but energy and so is everything else in the universe. When you begin to accept this idea as THE truth it changes how you view your life and your interactions with people and everything around you. My mind or should I say my old belief system continues to be blown to pieces as I wrote in my last blog.

I guess I am grateful for this happening now.  I am not the same person I was. I can’t imagine going back to thinking of life or reality in such a mechanistic way.

We are all part of this energetic field of energy. I was always taught to do unto others as I would want to be done to you. So I knew to be kind and considerate of others. But this goes much more than being kind to others. The more I experience and learn of the mechanics of how our Universe works, how the hologram of the Universe and the true nature of reality work, I become very aware of the consequences of not just my actions but my thoughts as well.  I begin to feel a sense of greater responsibility not only for myself and others but for the whole world. I begin to imagine what it would be like if Nations thought like this. Would we have nuclear weapons that threaten each other?  Would we have starvation poverty, racism, etc? Would we have divided political parties in our governments? Big questions yes I know. But in understanding this material it is also possible for us to begin to envision that reality because the more of us that are focused on this reality of our world, it is really possible to achieve.

What science and this book is showing us is that we cannot deny the interconnectedness of everything. This book was written in 1991.  These concepts are not new.  Yet here we are reading this book at this time which I believe is timely. It has thus far given us much to think about and digest and I am excited to continue reading on to discover what else Michael Talbot has in store for us. Stay tuned.

Maria Jacques