Ah-ha moments from The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Let’s look at the definition of a wave as it applies to our understanding of the terms wave as used in the book The Holographic Universe (Holographic a 3D image that is created by a reflected lights colliding with each other – more information here (good science based 2min video or  the more sensational 4 min

One definition:
Wave: movement of energy without movement of particles.

Particle: NB a particle is usually known as a physical thing that we can observe. In physics we take it further and a particle can exist as no-thing (the potential to be a thing) or a thing (physical). For a detailed description related to physics see:

Now back to: Wave: movement of energy without movement of particles.

Picture the ‘wave’ that occurs in a sports stadium as one group of people stand and lift their arms high, then they sit as the ones next do the same continuing around the stadium this is a wave – all people have stayed in their seat while the energy (the stand and arm rise) has swept around the whole stadium.

Another definition:
Wave, propagating, dynamic disturbance of one or more properties.

Now each word.
Propagating: spread and promote, create specimens

1) (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress
2) (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.
3) a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

Definition of Dynamics in Physics
Dynamics are any external (outside) forces that increase or decrease an item’s velocity (speed) or affect its acceleration (change in speed over time e.g. getting faster or slower).

The four main forces that affect an object’s velocity (speed) and acceleration (change of speed) are mass , force, momentum, and energy. In the context of dynamics, force is a push or pull influence on an object.

Mass of an object is its size (or the amount of matter (solidness) it has).
The more mass an object has, the less effect external forces will have on its motion (movement).

Momentum is the potential movement that an object can undergo.
The momentum of an object is affected by its velocity and its mass.

The energy of an object is the level of its capacity to move or act on another object. This potential action is referred to as ”work.”

In other words, dynamics is the term in the world of physics that refers to:

the forces that can cause changes in an object’s velocity (speed) or acceleration (rate of speed) through altering its mass (size/heaviness), other forces, momentum (potential movement), or energy.

A disturbance is a change from the current state of a measurable quantity at some location.

So relooking at:
Wave, propagating, dynamic disturbance of one or more properties.

We could read this as a spreading out (emanation) resulting from a force causing a change in the speed, mass and / or energy.

Have a re-read and see how else you can write definition of a Wave based on the meaning of each word in the definition. The more you actively engage and make this your own that more powerful and focused a ‘wave-generator’ you are.

Particles are affected by waves. Whether a particles is in an energy state (potential) or a physical particle it is affected by waves.

You are that external force that causes change in the ‘particle’ where it is in potential or physical form.

Your thoughts combined with a matching emotion are a wave that emanates from you, influencing the Field (the endless sea of energy that is in the form of energy/potential and particles).

You are already a Wave generating being.
You have everything needed already – next step is to choose the waves you create and emanate these powerfully – as powerfully as that which you want to see in the World.


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