I believe the first step is to examine my personal history dealing with change. I have often  resisted to point of resentment. An extreme example is the fact that it took 15 years of knowing my marriage was not working before I gained the courage to leave. And even then I left with such a sense of failure. It took a few years before I recognized it was the most sensible logical wise decision I could ever have made. The spin-offs have been numerous including being forced to take full responsibility for my life in every way. It did not happen immediately but over time I experienced a growing confidence in myself and have had adventures far beyond any expectations!

Another question you may be asking:  what about inevitable changes that happen with all the range of adjustments required with job changes, location changes, shifting of current groups of friends and more? Even  changes in my attitudes and beliefs have brought changes. Many of these have turned out to be significant and a major outcome to my thoughts initially leading to new decisions involving day to day events.

On the positive side I have come to appreciate the doors that have opened as the result of major changes in my life.  At this current time in history I am gradually  accepting I have a responsibility to be involved, to determine the facts of changes we are facing, to educate myself first and to pass on accurate information for others to respond to with effective thoughts and actions. I have learned that being frozen with fear has only added to potential worst scenarios. I have learned that what I emanate out through my thoughts, speech and actions has very contrasting outcomes depending on my level of success to contribute to solutions and passing these on. Taking sides and making someone wrong is a terrible trap to fall into and divides us. I am seeking a willingness in myself to learn the base of different views and let go of some old tendencies to judge those with different views from mine. The times I am genuine in that search I am amazed at the outcomes. Very often with a new understanding I become more tolerant and accepting of a contrasting view to my own. At times I have even shifted my original view on an issue.

Can we visualize a world where people are safe, healthy and contributing to each other in a positive way? I know we can start first with ourselves, our families and our communities. We can create and contribute and nurture ourselves and others through music, dance, humor, laughter and service to others. I have learned through quantum science that each of us are part of each other. We are connected in a very real way. With a common focus we have an incredible ability to observe, be aware, change and stop some situations. Quantum science leads us to recognize that the present moment/the NOW is all we have. The past and future do not exist.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha our QLBC host demonstrates daily we can create a better world.

QLBC cohost. Joyce Mollenhauer