In Chapter 4 of The Gratitude Effect, by Dr John Demartini, we explore “Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do.”  This chapter deals with business, your work, and your passion or mission in life or your highest values.  We have all probably had to work at something we didn’t really love at some point in our lives.  Whether we were going to school and trying to make a little money, or taking a job that gave us a paycheck to support ourselves and family before we found our perfect job, or we were starting a new business and had to do every facet of the business, we probably had to work at something we may not love.  For some, it becomes a way of life, and they never find their way out to do what they love; they may even forget what they loved to do.

The author poses a question he offered when he was looking for a new hire, “If I gave you five million dollars, what would you do with your life?”  What a great question to ask!  If you are lucky enough to have the answer, “I would do just what I am doing now because I love it, and I would maybe go bigger”, then good for you!  But if your answer is, “I would quit what I am doing and I would do ……”, then maybe you have to look at why you are not doing what you love in the first place.  And why wouldn’t you change it now?

When we do what we love to do, things just seem to flow, and we love getting to “work” even though it seems more like fun and play.  And if you are in the place of having to work at something to bring in some well needed funds, begin to bring gratitude into your work.  Gratitude for the service or product you provide.  Gratitude for the people who purchase and provide the funding exchange.  Gratitude for the new people you meet and the things that worked (or even didn’t work that provided a lesson) today.

And one other thing.  You can be grateful for distractions, confusion, and procrastination that pops up in your day.  Take notice.  What are they telling you?  Maybe what you really love is calling you, and how can you weave that into your day or your work.  Maybe it is your intuition showing you to look at what you are doing differently.  Maybe you need to ask for help.

Even in writing this blog, I found myself unfocused and procrastinating.  I had to stop, take a look at what was going on with me, give gratitude for what I was learning from this book and the opportunity to share.  And then my heart opened, my focus increased, and the words flowed.  Sometimes it doesn’t take long.  You just have to stop, look, become aware of what you want to do, and give gratitude for the opportunity or insight.

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