In the book Biocentrism by Robert Lanza, MD with Bob Berman there are a couple chapters that deal with the concept of Time.  I have to admit that in the past I have just looked at the clock or the calendar to check out the hour or the date, never really considering what time is.

Well, the authors give us some things to ponder about time.  One is that time is just an illusion. It doesn’t really exist.  It is more a measurement that we as the observers use to track motion, movement, or a string of events.  In fact, in Chapter 6, Bubbles in Time, they write, “Time’s existence cannot be found between the tick and the tock of a clock.  It is the language of life, and as such, is most powerfully felt in the context of human experience.”  It is pointed out that we measure time by meaningful events strung together to appear as in a linear series of experiences.  We remember what we have felt and as we look back at our lives, some of these experiences almost seem dream-like, and sometimes we question if things actually happened.  It is as if time is measured by this string of events, like frames in a film put together in some order.

The discussion of time is again revisited in Chapter 11, No Time To Lose.  Time can be described as not a feature of the external world, but a projection of something within us, as we tie together things we are observing.  Maybe it is just a feature of our mind with the past existing only as ideas in the mind and the future being only a mental construct or anticipation of events. It asks the question,” Where is time? Does time exist on its own, apart from human concepts that are no more that conveniences for our formulas or for the description of motion and events?”  Does anything really exist outside of the Now?  And can we really capture the Now?

So much to ponder and think about.

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Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay