Have you ever actually thought about creating a positive state of being in yourself, or in a gathering, with the use of music? Have you ever considered that composers create their music with a certain “design” to touch your emotions and affect your state of being? In Chapter Two (Activating Your Heart’s Intelligence with Music) of the book, The Secret Language of the Heart, the author Barry Goldstein explains the connection between music and the heart. He also shares that composers do understand the connection between music, our hearts and emotions, and they “design” their music to have an effect on us. Barry Goldstein actually studies the effects of music on the heart and emotions, and he designs his music to bring about heart coherence and positive emotions for health, creativity and impact on our state of being.

Our heart is our body’s drum, and just like in an orchestra, the drumbeat, or tempo, helps to synchronize all the other instruments, the other organs of the body. When the instruments or organs all come together in harmony to a smooth, steady rhythm, they are in coherence and there is balance, harmony and health. It elevates the body to positive emotions. If the rhythm is scattered or fragmented, it disturbs the orchestra, all the body organs, and creates negative emotions or states of being.

The great news is that the internal rhythm of the heart can adapt to the external rhythm of the music. This adaptation and connection is called entrainment. Science studies are showing that if we listen to music with a smooth, steady rhythm like our heart’s relaxed rhythm of 60 to 70 beats per minute, our heart will synchronize to that rhythm and bring us into a relaxed state and anxiety is reduced. This use of music is extremely beneficial to lower risk of stress-related illnesses, improve our cognitive abilities, enhance our immune function and bring about inner peace.

The music for a group function will also impact the individuals, but also the field of energy, or mood, for the group. So be mindful of your music choices and use it as a tool for your benefit, and the benefit of others to help bring about positive energy and states of being.

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