From the book

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide by Tess Watt.

Are we human beings or human doings ? Many of us are so caught up in the busyness of day to day life, the traps, the demands, the list of urgent matters, that we forget to enjoy the journey and take in all the details of the process. Here are some keys to mindful practice :

  1. It assists us to drop our constant judgment and looking for results – striving.
  2. It is not a quick fix ( took decades to become who you are today)
  3. The shifts can be subtle, slow and not obvious to the conscious brain .
  4. It assists us to become more accepting of who we are right now.
  5. It is an attitude of non-doing and non-striving.
  6. Don’t judge , just do. ( don’t worry if it is doing any good)
  7. This journey is your own
  8. It isn’t about spacing out, vegetating or going into altered states – it is about being with awareness.
  9. Being aware of where we are , right now.
  10. By training our being mode, it is more likely our doing mode will be effective and focused and productive.

These are all wonderful reasons to work through all the practices offered in this book!

Marianne Love