‘I can’t meditate or be mindful – my mind is just too busy’.  Tessa Watt explains in her book “Mindfulness” that this is a common response when learning mindful breathing and meditation.

Exactly, our minds are trained to be that way.  But better yet, she writes, “Having thoughts is part of who we are as creative, thinking beings.”  When we practice mindfulness, we don’t see thoughts as a problem.

Tessa writes, “…the practice of meditation is actually just this: noticing the thoughts, letting them go and bringing the mind back to the focus, again and again.”  This is a practice of being aware and focused.

As we do this, we train the mind. And as we focus on the breath, just noticing, amazing things begin to happen to our bodies and minds, and changes occur in our lives.  It is a process and a practice.  Just like brushing the teeth, there is more benefit in doing this daily, than in only doing it one day a week.

This is shared in the book “Mindfulness” by Tessa Watt that we are reading in Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network.


Co-Host – Tryna Cooper