We just started a new book called “Inside The Earth – The Second Tunnel” by Radu Cinamar on Quantum Leap Book Club.  On the back cover it says “Stories of the Inner Earth have both fascinated and perplexed mankind since the dawn of time.  Now, for the first time, hard scientific data is provided that the Earth’s core is not what conventional science has always assumed.”  Instead, it is a whole new world.

What if this book is not just a story, but the true recounting of a man’s adventure?  What if all he speaks about is true? We have had opportunities in the past to learn about the adventures to the inner earth in other great adventure novels.  But this one is different, as Radu explains, it is the true sharing of his adventure.  And, he says, it is time to get the information out to the world.

Mystery. Intrigue. Secret programs. Unknown civilizations. Advanced technologies. Solid gold tunnels.  New understandings. The adventure beginning in a secret and previously inaccessible chamber beneath the Romanian Sphinx containing futuristic holographic technology that was put together some 50,000 years ago! The introduction and prelude are exciting in themselves!

So how can you learn and decide for yourself?  There is only one way to find out.  Explore the book yourself.  Better yet, explore it with us on Quantum Leap Book Club!

Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel