Joyce Mollenhauer

Mar 10, 2021, 11:26 PM (7 days ago)

Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel

The book “Inside the Earth” by Radu Cinamar caught my interest even before I opened the cover for the first time. A number of years ago, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha shared some very amazing information about the Inner Earth. Up until that point of my life, I had never even contemplated that there could be a world inside our planet. To learn that very evolved Beings lived there and that there was a sun to create life and lakes and rivers. All were totally new thoughts for me but definitely intrigued me. A few years ago,  I had the opportunity to visit the Kartchner Caverns in Arizona and now had a visual to ponder on with the various tunnels we witnessed surrounded by the beauty of the rock formations and water flowing. I purchased the book on the discovery of these caverns. I learned that a few adventuresome souls actually crawled down very narrow passageways driven by their passion to discover and explore. Some sections they pulled their bodies through were so narrow they were risking their lives to persist.  There was no guarantee they would safely find their way back up to the surface. It was beyond my comprehension that their determination was so intense that they were more than willing to persist. Thanks to their sheer determination and a passion for exploring, now there is a wonderful tourist opportunity to enter the caverns through walkways that are totally safe. With that experience of being under the surface of our planet even in such a controlled experience definitely created a desire to have more experiences of life under the surface of our planet Earth.

Now with reading Cinamar’s account of the Second Tunnel in Romania, I am spell-bound to learn as much as I can. The book is introducing some very deep information that is not common knowledge and is even debated by scientists as to its reality. It is more than intrigue that piques my interest. I am learning that it is a necessary step to become evolved beyond the common man living on the surface of our planet. The frequency and vibration levels of an individual’s energy levels determine if it is possible to go very far into the interior of Earth. One of my reactions is a very positive emotion that here is an existence where the negative interactions between humans on the surface will not be repeated thanks to only evolved Beings being able to exist in the higher frequencies. I am only 1/3 of the way into this wonderful book and I already feel my mind has expanded in a very rewarding way. Radu Cinamar at one point as he gains more information about the journey he is about to experience makes this statement: “Filled with mystery and projected out of the daily reality  of the regular man, I enjoyed the state or condition of anticipation.”  I too am full of anticipation to gain full knowledge of existence in the Inner Earth. I can dream of actually achieving the required change of frequency to visit there personally.