As we have been reading through the books presented on Quantum Leap Book Club, common themes have emerged.  There is an exploration of consciousness and how that relates to us as human beings.  There are discussions of the human body and mind, and how they work from a physical perspective, as well as an emotion, mental, and spiritual or greater consciousness perspective. There are themes about how powerful we are and how basically we have the same makeup, yet we are all vastly different through the experiences we have had, the beliefs and truths we have come to make part of ourselves, the lessons we have learned, the cultures and teachings to which we have been exposed.

We have learned through books like A Path Through The Jungle looking at our innate reactions and emotions, our truths both good and bad, and our logical selves. Others like Biocentrism and Beyond Biocentrism explored life and consciousness as the center of all things, that time and space are illusions, measuring tools, that we humans have created to explain relationship to other things, and the truth that we are more than just a body…we are consciousness itself. And in being that, we create our existence and our experience. In Dying To Be Me we learned that we are so much greater than just the body and that we go on after death, and that we do have the ability to create and heal.  And in other books, the importance of gratitude, or the impact of frequency and vibration, and the importance of accepting and truly loving yourself.

Bottom line, there is so much to learn and experience and explore about who we are and what we are capable of and how we are connected to everything.  We are a part of the greater whole, divine creators.  And as my Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has shared with me, “Kittens grow up to be cats; puppies grow up to be dogs; What do Children of God grow up to be?”  Divine? God?…can you ponder that?

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper – Ca’Nu’Ye

Image by John Hain from Pixabay