related to Chapter 5, of the book Inside the Earth

In chapter 5, the author, Radu Cinamar, writes: “…when you pass into the interior of the planet, you are no longer in the physical plane”. One gradually has moved into the etheric plane. How? Cezar gives an exciting, amazing explanation in chapter 5.

Cezar, the head of the secret Dept.0 in Romania, explains that the etheric non – physical plane penetrates the physical reality everywhere. As we have learned in an earlier chapter it is actually the etheric plane which causes the physical reality to exist. However materialistic contemporary science still believes our reality is caused from the physical reality. For a better understanding, we can compare the physical reality with a wave in the ocean – and the ocean being the vast etheric plane. It surrounds and penetrates the wave.  Cezar suggests to imagine an ice cube as an example for the physical plane. A contraction, or condensation in the etheric plane (here water) creates the ice cube (physical reality) and it is penetrated and surrounded by the etheric plane.

Co-host Rosemarie Heyer